Designing a Logo

I had some time to kill today, so I thought to myself, "Hey, why not make a logo?" I then sat and thought for 30 seconds on how I could make a cool logo that had to do with my name, "Brian Mitchell." In the past, I've made little icons that were just squares with a 'B' or "BM" inside. An example of this is below:


For the last two years, I've used an SSD in my 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and for the last ten months or so, I've used a Samsung 840 Pro SSD for OS X in my Hackintosh. I've become quite accustomed to the speed and reliability of solid state drives. Last April, I tri-booted my Hackintosh and installed Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04. I had an extra 500 GB WD Scorpio Blue hard drive lying around, so I put the operating systems on there. Performance was pretty good, I have an Intel 4770K and NVIDIA GTX 760, so things move pretty quickly, but both operating systems crawled a little at boot and could be a bit slow at times. I decided that it was time for an upgrade.

Long Car Rides (And MICS)

Today I drove (by drive, I mean rode in a car while someone else drove) to Verona, WI for MICS 2014. MICS (Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium) is an annual conference that has a career fair, robotics and programming competitions, and research paper presentations. I am attending with two professors from The University of Minnesota and 12 fellow students. I am competing in the both the robotics and programming competitions. I'm very excited to compete! All I hope is that we have some fun and that our robot doesn't fail epically. Video of the robot shooting during testing