Brian Mitchell is a Software Engineer III at C.H. Robinson, where he guides frontend development for Customer Facing Analytics. In Brian's spare time, he enjoys cycling, watching science-fiction, listening to music, and drinking coffee.

A more formal résumé can be found on GitHub.

Tools, Frameworks, and Languages Permalink#

TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux, redux-saga, react-table, React Testing Library, react-query, react-spring, styled-components, Jest, Puppeteer, AngularJS, D3, Highcharts, Recharts, RxJS, Webpack, Node.js, Eleventy, Jekyll, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, SCSS, git, Docker, LaTeX

Operating Systems Permalink#

macOS, iOS, Linux (more familiar with Fedora and CentOS), Windows

Other Skills Permalink#

Pair programming, mentorship, enthusiasm, organization, lighting design, theatrical lighting electrician, lighting and sound board operation

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