1. ✨ Portfolio website and blog

    JavaScript 5Stars 4Forks

  2. 🎁 A library to generate unbiased pairs of names for a gift exchange or secret santa.

    TypeScript 1Stars

  3. 🎵 A Cloudflare Worker acting as a proxy for the LastFM API in order to expose endpoints.

    TypeScript 1Stars

  4. 🎅 React based Secret Santa generator


  5. ⛈ A Twitter bot for weather

    Python 20Stars 12Forks

  6. 🤠 Test that a string contains permutations of a yeehaw.

    TypeScript 1Stars 1Forks

  7. Configurations and other goodies for my command line setup

    Shell 3Stars

  8. A distracting reminder to get back to work.

    HTML 2Forks

  9. Add fun chatter to your Pull Requests


  10. My Résumé, written in LaTeX